Creative ways to use self storage

Emergency Cache  

To start with, you can store food and other items there to retrieve as needed and avoid taking up precious space in your Garage or home . In fact, key to successful emergency planning is storing items in different places so you can access them even if you can’t get home, and a storage unit is a great choice.

The city of paramus nj, has another ingenious suggestion for storage. It encourages residents of the beachside town, which is located in a tsunami zone, to rent space and leave it empty and available to drop off items from their house if they need to flee.

Art Gallery

Fridge and walls full at home? Finding a place to store your child’s artwork for posterity – you know, just in case he becomes the next Monet — is a great use of storage space.

But Derek Donnelly, an artist in Miami, has elevated storage containers to an “art form,” you might say, using them as an art gallery space in the arts district of Pinellas Park. The gallery is created from three containers that include a studio space, while other containers serve as his apartment.

Maker Space

Why not turn storage space into a make-shift workshop? Ben R., a chef in bergen county NJ Self Storage has a side hustle upcycling antiques and furniture to sell online. His storage space offers the perfect location for sanding, painting and refurbishing the furniture. Having a separate space disconnected from his home has helped him turn enough of a profit that he is planning an upcoming trip to Rosedale park NJ, Fair lawn NJ, or even Rutherford NJ.

To sum things up these are things you can do with the your storage unit, don’t forget to ask company before what their policy’s are.

  1. Office Space. Even small, at home businesses can benefit from a dedicated office or space to do work. …
  2. Art Studio. Art projects tend to get a bit messy during the creative process. …
  3. Personal Gym. …
  4. Music Space. …
  5. Personal Space. …
  6. Picking The Right Storage Unit.

How to Organize a Small room on a Budget

If you’re trying to figure out how to organize a small bedroom on a budget, these 12 ingenious tips and tricks will get you there in no time!

I like to have lots of baskets and shelves so that’s what I mostly added to my closet as that helped me coral my shoes, bags and dozens of pairs of jeans.

As “custom” closet solutions go, these IKEA systems are pretty cheap too. You can add as much or as little as you need and completely tailor whether you have a small or large bedroom closet, or small or large budget!

Organize your drawers with dividers

Fold your clothes vertically to maximize drawer space

Think outside of the box for nightstands and bedside lighting

Utilize the space under your bed

Utilize the space behind your door

Add shelves to the walls – when you don’t have floor space, think vertical!

Use baskets

Install a closet organization System

DIY additional closet shelving

Use felt hangers

If you don’t have a closet, make one

Think outside the box

I’ve never had the luxury of having a huge bedroom and even now, despite the 2,800 sq. ft home we live in, our master bedroom is on the small side and definitely lacking in the organizational department.

Of course, just because your Storage room is small, doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of space to utilize in order to get organized. Sometimes you have to get a little creative and even more so when you need to do it on a budget. If you’re starting from scratch with a bedroom makeover, definitely take all of these storage ideas into consideration, too!

Don’t forget to sing and enjoy while packing your boxes!!

Here’s a fun self storage video for you 🙂

10 Luckiest Storage Unit Finds

Gambling on a complete strangers belongings can sometimes lead to the discovery of riches. We count down the 10 luckiest storage unit finds around the world!

Auctions of storage units occur after fulfilling the State lien law procedure of someone who has not made payment on their unit.  Storage auctions aren’t our favorite side of the business, but they are part of it.

Along with bringing cash and a valid government issued ID, remember these three tips when going to a self storage auction:

1. You cannot enter any units or touch anything until you pay for it.

2. We charge a cash cleanout deposit (so come prepared) – refundable once the unit is empty.

3. The number of bidders varies widely – sometimes we have 5 bidders, other times we have 50.

We have people that come from all over North New jersey, for all the local townships.

Starting From and including:

AllendaleHarrington ParkRamsey
AlpineHasbrouck HeightsRidgefield
BergenfieldHaworthRidgefield Park
CarlstadtHo Ho KusRiver Edge
Cliffside ParkLeoniaRiver Vale
ClosterLittle FerryRochelle Park
DumontMahwahSaddle Brook
East RutherfordMaywoodSaddle River
EdgewaterMidland ParkSouth Hackensack
Elmwood ParkMontvaleTeaneck
EnglewoodNew MilfordTeterboro
Englewood CliffsNorth ArlingtonUpper Saddle River
Fair LawnNorthvaleWaldwick
Fort LeeOaklandWashington Township
Franklin LakesOld TappanWestwood
GarfieldOradellWoodcliff Lake
Glen RockPalisades ParkWood-Ridge
 Park Ridge

Self Storage is synonyms with Storage Wars

Storage Wars on A&E
Big money can be made if you are willing to take the risk!

You’re not going to believe some of the biggest payouts in Storage Wars history. There have been some tremendous hits on what seemed like junk but turned out to be an incredible find! Storage Wars always seemed like a gamble but when you find out the value of some of these collections all locked up, you’ll understand why people take such chances on what often looks like junk. And before you go screaming Storage Wars is fake, or Storage Wars is staged, or Nobody watches Storage Wars, when you see the values here you might just become a believer.

Darrell Sheets was known as the gambler on Storage Wars – always taking a shot at something for a big payday. Sheets hit the bigtime when he discovered original paintings by surrealist Frank Gutierrez in a storage container that he picked up for $3600. That might have seemed steep at the time, but it turned out that the Gutierrez originals were worth a whopping $300,000. Good thing Darrell found it and not Barry Weiss – Barry never sells anything!

Darrell also scored a major hit when in season 5 he came across what seemed to be a storage unit full of toys. But it turned out that they weren’t just any toys – it was vintage toys still in their containers and a load of comic books. All told, the unit contained over 3000 comic books and enough collectible classics to be worth over $60,000. That’s a lot of loot for some toys!

#StorageWars #StorageWarsBiggestPayouts

Tips for Safe Storage Self storage

5 Simple Tips for Safe Storage Self storage is a great way to save and preserve some of your favorite and most valuable possessions.

Make sure these items stay safe.

1. Purchase a Solid Lock

2. Don’t Skimp on Insurance

3. Search for a Facility with Layers of Protection

4. Keep a Record of Items

5. Environmental Protection is Important.

Check out this video of Inside Edition on tip how to keep your unit safe, how to protect from theft, will real life scenarios!

Options for Storage + Solutions

when and If you need to store some, or all of your belongings when moving, consider the following when choosing the best storage situation.

You will first need to determine whether you need short term or long term storage and which items will be stored. This will help figure out which size storage unit to rent. Before making any final decisions, research all your storage options and find out about:

Access – What are the hours of operation?

Price – What are the fees? Will the fee change if you store your items for longer than originally planned? Are there any additional, or hidden fees?

Cleanliness – Are the storage units and premises clean? If your items will be stored for a long period of time, you want to ensure your items leave the storage in the same condition they went into storage.

Security – Does the storage facility provide onsite security? Is there a fire system? Is it protected from flooding?

Storage options

Many moving companies can also provide storage when moving your belongings. They are not like a self-storage facility, so if regular access to your belongings is important, renting a self-storage unit is a better option. For long-term storage, containers are convenient.

Insurance is advised when items are being stored, and is often required. Check what you will need to make sure your items are insured!

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5 Benefits of Of Climate Controlled Storage.

5 Benefits Of Climate Controlled Storage.

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1. Protection from Extreme Temperature Climate controlled storage units are kept at a consistent temperature that is above freezing and below 80 or 90 degrees Sensitive items like wood furniture, antiques, and musical instruments can suffer from warping, splitting, or cracking due to the constant change in temperature and can be damaged due to the highs and lows of temperature change.

2. Most Climate Controlled Units Have Great Air Quality climate controlled storage facilities continuously circulate the air, the air remains clean. This prevents you from needing to open your unit just to get some fresh air inside.

3. There’s an Additional Barrier from Dust and Debris Climate controlled storage units are less susceptible to minor flooding or tracked in dirt, and because they’re indoors, there isn’t as much chance for rodents or insects to make a home in your stored things.

4. Choose Humidity Control for Even More Protection Units that don’t have humidity control may remain damp during the entire fall and spring seasons which can promote mildew growth.

5. Pay a Little Extra for Added Peace of Mind Climate controlled storage usually costs more than traditional storage. This added cost is often usually overshadowed by the peace of mind you’re given knowing you’ve protected your items from harsh seasonal changes.