Creative ways to use self storage

Emergency Cache  

To start with, you can store food and other items there to retrieve as needed and avoid taking up precious space in your Garage or home . In fact, key to successful emergency planning is storing items in different places so you can access them even if you can’t get home, and a storage unit is a great choice.

The city of paramus nj, has another ingenious suggestion for storage. It encourages residents of the beachside town, which is located in a tsunami zone, to rent space and leave it empty and available to drop off items from their house if they need to flee.

Art Gallery

Fridge and walls full at home? Finding a place to store your child’s artwork for posterity – you know, just in case he becomes the next Monet — is a great use of storage space.

But Derek Donnelly, an artist in Miami, has elevated storage containers to an “art form,” you might say, using them as an art gallery space in the arts district of Pinellas Park. The gallery is created from three containers that include a studio space, while other containers serve as his apartment.

Maker Space

Why not turn storage space into a make-shift workshop? Ben R., a chef in bergen county NJ Self Storage has a side hustle upcycling antiques and furniture to sell online. His storage space offers the perfect location for sanding, painting and refurbishing the furniture. Having a separate space disconnected from his home has helped him turn enough of a profit that he is planning an upcoming trip to Rosedale park NJ, Fair lawn NJ, or even Rutherford NJ.

To sum things up these are things you can do with the your storage unit, don’t forget to ask company before what their policy’s are.

  1. Office Space. Even small, at home businesses can benefit from a dedicated office or space to do work. …
  2. Art Studio. Art projects tend to get a bit messy during the creative process. …
  3. Personal Gym. …
  4. Music Space. …
  5. Personal Space. …
  6. Picking The Right Storage Unit.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this kind of article with us. One of the greatest benefits of self-storage is the flexibility it affords in having access to your property whenever you need it.

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