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MyCube Bins Inquiries

Perks of MyCube Bins
Self Storage vs. Valet Storage
Hassle Free
Hands Free
Shlep Free
Storing From The Comfort Of Your Home
Returns To Your Home With A Tap
Saving On Gas
Ride Sharing Storage
Valet/Bin Storage VS. Self Storage
*These are only estimated prices of storage units and shouldn't be used as a price quote.
Self Storage vs. Bins Savings
One Bin 5x5 storage unit $85 $24 $61
Two Bins 5x7.5 storage unit $120 $48 $72
Three Bins + Wardrobe Box 5x10 storage unit $148 $100 $48
Three Bins + Two Wardrobe Boxes 10x7.5 storage unit $165 $128 $37
Four Bins + Two Wardrobe Boxes 10x10 storage unit $180 $152 $28
Five Bins + Two Wardrobe Boxes 11x10 storage unit $199 $176 $23
Six Bins + 3 Wardrobe Boxes 10x15 storage unit $240 $202 $38
Eight Bins + 3 Wardrobe Boxes 22x10 storage unit $350 $276 $74

Storing is made simple & easy.Here's how we do it.

Fill Up

Pack your stuff in our environmentally friendly bags.

Pick Up

We’ll come pick up your stuff. (we even bring wardrobe boxes)


Have your valuables and stuff securely stored with upload photos for you to view on your account.


See on your account your item and schedule deliveries with a tap!



  • Easy Fill bags & bin
  • Specialize in hanging storage
  • Pics of stored items
  • Save on time & money
  • Deliveries to your door
  • Pay only per bin/box not for a whole room
  • Pickups with a tap
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed
Starting at just $24/month!

First pick up is on us, All following pickups and deliveries are $59!
* Minimum storing of three months required
Storage prices vary by location.

Disposal Services To
Junking Made Easy

If you are in need of any additional services please feel free to call us at 201-398-1000

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