Options for Storage + Solutions

when and If you need to store some, or all of your belongings when moving, consider the following when choosing the best storage situation.

You will first need to determine whether you need short term or long term storage and which items will be stored. This will help figure out which size storage unit to rent. Before making any final decisions, research all your storage options and find out about:

Access – What are the hours of operation?

Price – What are the fees? Will the fee change if you store your items for longer than originally planned? Are there any additional, or hidden fees?

Cleanliness – Are the storage units and premises clean? If your items will be stored for a long period of time, you want to ensure your items leave the storage in the same condition they went into storage.

Security – Does the storage facility provide onsite security? Is there a fire system? Is it protected from flooding?

Storage options

Many moving companies can also provide storage when moving your belongings. They are not like a self-storage facility, so if regular access to your belongings is important, renting a self-storage unit is a better option. For long-term storage, containers are convenient.

Insurance is advised when items are being stored, and is often required. Check what you will need to make sure your items are insured!

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