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  • Bins Storage
What are your Coverage Areas? chev

Manhattan NY

Bergen County NJ

Hudson County NJ

Essex County NJ

Union County NJ

How Does Mycube Bin Valet Storage Work? chev

1. We provide you with plastic bins and boxes to pack your loose items.

2. We pick up your bins, boxes, items and Wardrobe Boxes.

3. We store everything in our storage facilities.

4. Request any item back at the touch of a button and get them delivered back wherever you need them

How Can I See My Stored Items Online? chev

To Access inventory
Log in to your bins storage account
Enter your Log In details
Click on Item In Storage

How do I request my items back? chev

Log in to your bins storage account
Click on Item In Storage

How Can I Change or Cancel My Reservations? chev

You can change or cancel your reservation by logging into your account, calling us at 201-398-1000, emailing us at, or chatting with us on our website.

How Much Time Do I Have To Pack Up My Belongings After I Receive My Boxes Or Bins? chev

You have up to two weeks to pack your belongings into the bins and boxes.

Do You Provide Packaging Supplies? chev

Yes, We can provide bins, wardrobe boxes, and corrugated boxes.

Do You Provide Wrapping Supplies chev

Yes, We have for purchase bubble wrap and stretch wrap.

How Quickly Can I Access My Items In Storage? chev

Normal delivery times are between 24-48 hours from time of request, but if you need quicker service we can easily accommodate an expedited delivery for an additional fee of $95.

How Will I Know If My Belongings Are Secure? chev

Your belongings will be stored in our 24/7 monitored storage facilities. We deliver cable ties with your boxes when we drop them off. Once you are finished packing, you will lock each of your boxes. Each lock has a number unique to your box for your security and you can record that number with your items inventory in your account. We will never open your boxes without your express permission unless we need to for legal reasons.

Are There Item’s You Won't Store? chev

Yes, we are unable to store any perishable items, breakables, liquids, explosive devices, artwork, mirrors, jewelry, glass, fine art, weapons, or any illegal substances or illegal drugs.

How Do I Know How Many Bin/Boxes I Will Need? chev

Always order more than what you think you need. You will only be billed for the boxes you actually end up using.

Our signature bins measure 27in x 17in x 12in. Capacity: fits the contents of a large air travel suitcase.

Our wardrobe boxes Dimensions are L:20 x W:24 x H:46″. Capacity: Fits 25 hangers & 10 pairs of shoes

Where Are My Belongings Stored? chev

We store all items in our secured OFF SITE storage facilities location. The facilities are monitored 24/7, pest free and equipped with the latest in fire-prevention and sprinkler systems.

What Happens if I'm Making a Late payment? chev

If you know in advance that you may be late making a payment for any reason, please contact us so that we can work with you. If you don’t reach out to us, you will be charged a penalty fee of $25 for late or missed payments. In extreme cases, if you have not paid we may not return your belongings or take further action until your account balance is settled.

When will I get charged? chev

You will be billed for your first month of storage at the time you checkout. At Mycube Storage you're only billed for what you store. Once your items are picked up, you will be billed monthly according to when you started your plan.

What if my bag doesn't fit in a bin? chev

If your bag doesn’t fit into a bin, you’ll be responsible for reorganizing your belongings into existing/additional bags. To avoid prolonging the pickup appointment, it’s important that you follow our packing guidelines and avoid overpacking.

What Are Your Minimum Requirements? chev

We also require our customer to store by us for a minimum of three months (you can store for less time but you will be charged accordingly.)

How Do I Schedule My Item’s? chev

Simple. Just log in to your account and select the items you need in the 'Items in storage' section and click on 'schedule delivery'.

What Happens If I Change My Mind And Send Back All My Boxes Empty Without Storing Anything? chev

A cancellation fee will apply: 3 month of storage.